The Escapists Is Now Available For Free On The Epic Games Store

The Escapists Is Now Available For Free On The Epic Games Store
Credit: Hell Fire RPGs via YouTube

If you’re a PC user and are looking for some free hookups, you have a lot of options at the moment. The Epic Games Store — in particular — is currently offering The Escapists for no charge. It can be downloaded all the way until December 19. Considering this game normally goes for $18, that’s a steal that you don’t want to miss.

Strategy games have a special place for many gamers today, and this one hits all of the right notes for this popular genre. There is addicting gameplay, plenty of critical-thinking, and an abundance of light-hearted fun to go around. Prison life has always been a fascinating concept, especially for those that keep their noses clean.

Well, The Escapists gives you a peak behind that curtain — but don’t worry. It’s still family-friendly and not centered around violence or anything graphic. The main objective — of course — is escaping the prison, but there are a lot of other side missions to enjoy that will further immerse you in the prison life.

There are many ways you can try escaping depending on your particular preference. For example, you could craft some digging tools to burrow down and create an exit on your own accord. Or, you can sit back while riots break out. When the guards least expect it, you can steal one of their keys and gain access to a wide variety of other exit options. The possibilities are endless.

The developer Moudly Toof Studios knew what they were doing when creating the open sandbox design. It really makes The Escapists unique and worth re-visiting time and time again. Even after a beautifully crafted exit strategy, you’ll want to head back into another prison and start over. There are a total of 10 prisons to explore, each with distinct layouts. You thus have plenty of variety to test out your strategy skills.

Another department that this game shines in is humor. There is an amazing cast of inmates you’ll get to interact with in every prison. Hearing their stories and learning about their insider tips really brings the prison culture to the forefront. It’s not often you get a game that checks off as many boxes as The Escapists does. Epic Games really is doing gamers a solid by offering it on their platform. Whether you enjoy challenging puzzles or quirky humor, this game is a true gem that is honestly worth its regular price of $18.