DOOM And DOOM 2 Return To The App Store With Major Fix For Onscreen Controls

DOOM And DOOM 2 Return To The App Store With Major Fix For Onscreen Controls
Credit: Bethesda via YouTube

Last year, Bethesda re-launched DOOM and DOOM 2 on mobile to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the game. The game was released at different times across the world, but after a few months, all DOOM fans were able to purchase the premium game. Both games were re-released versions of the original experience with additional content.

Earlier this month, Bethesda rolled out several new updates along with support for free add-ons. The update was not only available for mobile but also PC and consoles. Everyone received a mode for ultra violence+ mode, secret area notifications, and Back to Saturn X (BTSX) Episode 1 and 2 were added to the first DOOM game. The full list of changes was made available on the Bethesda website.

The updates vary depending on what platform players were gaming on. The console versions added support for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers plus widescreen rendering.

The mobile-specific updates included a new touch control option, optional crosshair for more precise targeting, and frame limiting options for those with slower devices. While the iPad version was working fine, there were significant issues that arose for iPhone players. The issues caused Bethesda to pull the game from the App Store.

The major update was due to the touchscreen control updates. For many, the on-screen controls covered up the screen, making it almost impossible to play. These issues occurred for both DOOM and DOOM 2. This issue was brought up from MusicAI1250 on Twitter, who was replying to a post about a PlayStation 4 bug that brought up the iOS touchscreen interface.

Bethesda temporarily made both DOOM and DOOM 2 unavailable. Anyone who tried to update the game during this time were shown a prompt that “The developer has removed this app from the App Store.”

DOOM and DOOM 2 are now back on the App Store after a few days absence. The newest game update for both games states:

With all new touch controls, controller support, and 16:9 rendering, our new update for DOOM & DOOM II on all platforms is our biggest one yet! We have also improved performance, and now support 120hz devices, which can be enabled in Video Options.

Both games are now available with updated controls that no longer cover the entire screen. The titles are premium games, so there are no ads, and Family Sharing is supported.

DOOM and DOOM 2 are now available again on the App Store.