Girlfriend Trying To Fulfill Deceased Boyfriend’s Skyrim Dream Receives Response From Bethesda

Girlfriend Trying To Fulfill Deceased Boyfriend’s Skyrim Dream Receives Response From Bethesda
Credit: Pyo_Desu via Twitter

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was released in November 2011. fans have been patiently waiting for the sequel, Elder Scrolls 6, for years. Bethesda has already announced the game was in development, with the company making a few announcements of what to expect in the game.

One of the announcements revolved around Shirley Curry, known as the “Skyrim Grandma.” Shirley will appear in Elder Scrolls 6 as an NPC, but her exact role is unknown. The decision was helped in part to an online petition with over 49,000 signatures from fans who wanted to see her immortalized in the game.

Another player on Twitter had a similar request, but it was for someone she knew personally. Raven Ash on Twitter recalled the last Twitter post her now deceased boyfriend made. He wanted to be in Skyrim. Not as the custom character one creates at the start of the game, but to be in the game.

Raven Ash created a Twitter post and tagged Bethesda, asking for them to consider making her late boyfriend an NPC in the game. The tweet was retweeted over 850 times and had around 1.6 thousand likes.

In an additional tweet, some asked for her late boyfriend to be related to Shirley. Raven Ash asked Shirley for her approval, but the Skyrim Grandma has yet to respond. The decision was ultimately up to Bethesda.

Bethesda later reached out to Raven Ash through a private message on Twitter, which she posted:

We would like to see what we can do to bring him into The Elder Scrolls 6. Of course, this is still quite a ways off from being able to promise anything, but if you can provide us his name and any other details about him to us, we can best look into what’s possible.

Bethesda’s response isn’t a promise Raven Ash’s late boyfriend will be added as an NPC into the game, but it’s a kind response.

This isn’t the first time someone has shared a story about a late loved one who was a fan of one of their games. Another well-known addition was Redditor NoohjXLVII’s deceased brother, who loved Fallout 4 and how the game helped him mourn the death of their father.

In the Nuka World expansion, the redditor’s wishes were brought to life. Within the Nuka World region, characters can hunt for Evan. He gives the Sole Survivor one of the DLC’s 15 unique Nuka-Cola recipes.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is currently in development. There is currently no time frame on when the game is expected to launch.