Don’t Be Afraid Is A Psychological Horror Game Just In Time For Halloween

Don’t Be Afraid Is A Psychological Horror Game Just In Time For Halloween
Credit: Don't Be Afraid via Steam

Publisher Hydra Games S.A. and developer Broken Arrow Games have announced their upcoming title Don’t Be Afraid. The psychological horror game will launch in October, just before Halloween, at the end of the month.

Don’t Be Afraid is a very dark game not appropriate for all players. The game stars David, an 11-year-old child who has been kidnapped by a serial killer. David wakes up alone in a dark, cold room. He doesn’t know how he got there or where exactly he is. Although the child is afraid, David has to be brave and find a way to escape the awful situation.

As David walks through the halls, his memories begin to recover. He remembers a strange man wearing a mask but doesn’t know where he is in the house. While David explores the building, someone is also watching him. Although David is only a young child, he will have to find a way to escape the house of horrors.

The game is only told through the perspective of the child. The house holds numerous secrets with a variety of locations. David will learn more about the house through scary drawings, notes, and other documents. He quickly learns it’s not just the serial killer that lives in the home, but other guests.

The other guests inside the house are not friendly. Along with exploring the home, David has to fight back against his assailants. The enemies all have a unique set of skills to make combat more interesting.

Don’t Be Afraid contains three different endings of the story. Players will want to play through the game multiple times to find every secret and unlock all of the endings.

Players don’t have to wait until October to play the game. The developer has released a free demo called Don’t Be Afraid – The First Toy that’s available now. The game stars another young boy named Jamie. The child wakes up inside of a dark cellar, surrounded by unusual noises and other odd items with strange red markings.

Jamie doesn’t have any friends to help him escape. He can only rely on his wits and a candle to light the way. Jamie’s memories have also been almost lost. As he travels through the house, Jaime will learn more about the person who kidnapped him and why. Additional notes contain more information about the killer.

Jamie’s struggles will have him trying to escape his captor. During the demo, the child will have to “Survive a clash with a terrifying psycho.” The demo serves a free way to learn the mechanics of the game before it launches in a few weeks.

Don’t Be Afraid launches on PC via Steam on October 1.