The Cyberpunk Delivery Game Cloudpunk Releases In October For Consoles

The Cyberpunk Delivery Game Cloudpunk Releases In October For Consoles
Credit: ION LANDS via YouTube

If you like cyberpunk themes and games about delivering packages, then you’re probably going to love Cloudpunk by ION LANDS. It’s a delivery system game where players go around a vibrant metropolis delivering packages to various recipients.

It has been out on PC since April and based on user reviews, it’s a pretty successful hit. Who would of thought a game about delivering packages would be this much fun? The developer has created a unique cyberpunk city that just begs to be explored.

Cloudpunk is also coming to consoles and now after an official trailer on the PlayStation YouTube channel, we know the date. That is October 15th. Finally, console owners will get to see what they’ve been missing . It really is a unique game with beautiful visuals.

You get to play as Rania, who’s just accepted a position to work for Cloudpunk — the semi-legal delivery company. You’ll accept a wide variety of jobs, big and small. The diversity helps keep gameplay fresh and so does the characters you’ll be interacting with.

Learning about their personal stories adds to the intrigue. No two characters are alike and some of them have some pretty interesting tales to tell. Who knows? You may even make a life-long companion. The possibilities are endless.

The metropolis city — referred to as Nivalis — has a life of its own. There are so many areas to fly around in your hover car and venture through on foot. You could spend hours going through it all, without even taking a delivery job.

Delivering in a futuristic hover car makes for a good time as well. You can fly high up in the sky or get into the hustle and bustle of traffic. The entire time, you have deadlines to meet and that ups the stakes a bit.

Then you have hidden secrets about the corporation you work for. Something is off, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. The further along you get in the campaign, the more revelations you’ll discover about your current employer.

There aren’t many games like Cloudpunk right now. If you regularly game on a console, it will be a nice addition to your collection. This is particularly true if you enjoy games with a lot of atmosphere and intrigue. Cloudpunk delivers on all of these fronts and keeps you guessing about the secrets you’ll stumble upon. Keep a look out for it next month.