Headup Games And AMC Team Up For Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Headup Games And AMC Team Up For Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead
Credit: Headup Games via YouTube

The Bridge Constructor series from ClockStone and Headup Games has challenged players to create new and unusual bridge structures. In a surprise collaboration, AMC is teaming up with the company to release a game based on The Walking Dead tv series. The announcement was made during the GamesCom 2020 online event.

Players will join a group of survivors trying to deal with a zombie apocalypse where living humans have also become the enemy. The goal is to assist the survivors to build bridges and other elements to cross vast landscapes and rebuilt ruined structures.

The survivors include characters from the tv series like fan-favorite Daryl, plus characters who also appeared in the comics like Michonne and Eugene. The characters depicted are based on their AMC tv show counterparts. Vehicles from the series will also be an important part of escaping enemies.

Each level contains movable objects, explosives, and bait. These features are important to moving zombies away from the survivors. If a zombie gets caught in the blast, the game adds physics-based ragdoll animations to make the experience more entertaining.

Only a live-action trailer for Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead has been revealed so far. The game is currently in development and has no gameplay footage yet. Those who have followed the Bridge Constructor series may already know what to expect in terms of how to play the game.

Unlike other games based on The Walking Dead, Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead does not rely on brawn but on brains. Players have to strategize their moves carefully since resources are limited. Making the wrong move may cost the survivors their lives.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead will support thirteen languages. There is no spoken audio, but a variety of languages for the interface, along with subtitles.

Those who want to learn more about the development of the game can join the official Discord server, Wishlist the game on Steam, or follow the developer and publisher on social media.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead isn’t the first collaboration the game series has been a part of. In 2017, the developer teamed up with Valve to launch Bridge Constructor: Portal. Players used orange and blue portals to construct or repair bridges.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is scheduled to launch on PC via Steam sometime in 2020.