The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners Is Now Available On The PSVR

The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners Is Now Available On The PSVR
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The PSVR has been one of the more popular VR headsets since this technology really took off a couple of years ago. It has a pretty deep library of titles, from epic first-person shooters to simulation titles. Now, you can hunt zombies like never before in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. It’s officially available for the PSVR.

If you’re a fan of this popular television series or fell in love with the comics, then this VR experience has a lot of value. First off, there are many ways you can approach this game. For instance, you can make allies with survivors and share resources. Or, you can take a more savage approach and just take whatever you please while destroying every faction that gets in your way.

There is no right way to play this game and that instantly gives it amazing re-playability. The actions you take will shape the course of the story in a huge way, which just adds to the tension. It’s sort of like the design of the Telltale games. They always made you make tough decisions, sending you through the gamut of emotions.

Saints & Sinners also has a pretty unique setting. You’ll find yourself in the crowded zombie streets of New Orleans. Instead of festive lights and people celebrating, death is around every corner. You’ll have to carefully navigate your way through the endless maze of tight alleyways and streets. It’s definitely the perfect setting for this Walking Dead game.

There are so many things to do and discover. In fact, the description says there is over 15 hours of content to enjoy. That’s pretty substantial for any VR title today and instantly makes this game worthy of its full price. When you’re not taking down zombies, you’ll be able to complete side quests, collect scrap, and enhance your character’s skills.

All of the trailers showcasing the gameplay look amazing. The brutal combat will quickly reel you in and immerse you in the action all the more. You can slam bats across the heads of zombies, shoot them with a crossbow, or just run away to a safe location. The possibilities are endless. It’s definitely one of the better Walking Dead games to date and perfect if you like first-person immersion.

If all of this zombie action sounds like your cup of tea, you can head on over to the PlayStation store and pick up Saints & Sinners today.