Rumors Of Dying Light 2 Being In Dire Straits Is Allegedly Untrue, Noted By Techland As ‘Clickbait’

Rumors Of Dying Light 2 Being In Dire Straits Is Allegedly Untrue, Noted By Techland As ‘Clickbait’
Credit: IGN via YouTube

A Polish media outlet has experienced a bit of virality after publishing a scathing critique of how Dying Light 2 is apparently shaping up. The article went in-depth talking with alleged developers at the studio, stating that the plot was haphazardly put together, the mechanics are broken, and a whole lot more. All in all, PolskiGameDev put a very negative light on Dying Light 2 and it has since blown up on Twitter and Reddit, as it gives light to what could possibly be the primary reasoning behind delaying the anticipated release of the Dying Light sequel.

Techland responded to both the article and statements within it, although the response has admittedly been a bit ambiguous, to the point that it’s seemingly contradictory.

At first, a PR manager for Techland by the name of Ola Sondej stated on Twitter that the ‘translation’ of the Polish article is ‘totally inaccurate’.

It’s difficult to figure precisely how a translation could be so inaccurate as to widely paint the upcoming sequel to the parkour-flavored zombie game as ‘trash’ could be a translation error, although the article did get something very wrong, which casts doubt on the rest of the article. Techland is still a completely independent game studio, and it has not been purchased by Xbox Game Studios, or any other company.

The PR representative ended her statement by reassuring fans that Dying Light 2 is in good hands, and will be releasing as planned.

Of course, that person is a PR representative that gets paid for damage control, but with the author of the article getting many focal points wrong, it’s difficult to hold the article as a whole as an inevitable truth. Regardless, that hasn’t necessarily shifted the response from fans that stumbled across the article, and there may be a long term fall-out for the series based on the article if Techland isn’t quick at making a follow-up offering a transparent look at what is actually transpiring at the studio in Poland.

While many users are deleting their tweets that took the article as gospel, still others are piling on the worry; what if everything that the article states are actually correct?

It’s difficult to decipher precisely what is occurring behind the closed doors of Techland, and it appears that we’ll be unable to unravel the hyperbolic speech desperate for clicks from the actual truth of the matter until Techland offers a greater degree of transparency, or Dying Light 2 finally arrives. What state it will arrive in is anybody’s guess.