Signs Are Pointing To Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon Will Be Coming To Steam With Region Locking

Signs Are Pointing To Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon Will Be Coming To Steam With Region Locking
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

When you start hearing whispers, you should try to find the original source before acting on them. This time the original source comes from SteamDB, an external website that combs through Steam for incoming updates and more in-depth reports than what is typically found on the Steam page within the platform itself. SteamDB itself is a rather reliable source, if only based on where it is pulling data from, yet it’s pertinent that we look at these as whispers at best; it could have been a mistake, or miscommunication.

That disclaimer out of the way, it appears that Yakuza 7 will be coming to Steam relatively soon; a title and banner was crafted for the game that SteamDB was able to find. The application itself, SteamDB warns, has either been deleted or is currently hidden to the public. A metaphorical flip of a coin.

Yet when you start combing through the packages that relate to the title itself, you can find some interesting information that points to this being a leak, rather than a mistake. An application sourced as 428354 was updated through Steam three hours prior to this article being published, along with a sister application 428355 which is region locked.

The countries that can not purchase whatever version of Yakuza 7 is referenced in application number 428355 are as follows: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, North/South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and perhaps most interestingly, Japan itself.

A bizarre lock for a game that typically takes place in a very authentic, if small, replica of segments of Japan will have features that can not be played within Japan. Whether this application number is referencing a demo of some sort, or content that was cut, is currently unknown.

With the minor technical babbling out of the way in regards to what, precisely, was leaked, this is big news for PC fans that are enjoying the slice of life that the Yakuza series tends to bring, although with a bit more violence than the usual. Yakuza 7, also known as Yakuza: Like a Dragon released worldwide on January 16, 2020, as a PlayStation exclusive. Developed by Sega, the series has a penchant for mixing realistic storylines and character dialogue with absolutely bizarre and zany mini-games and segments, from whispering encouragement to a dominatrix during her act to fishing, and everything in between.

The game was received with relatively strong support from critics and fans alike, bringing more of the fabled Yakuza experience that players simply can’t get enough of. Precisely when it may release on Steam, if it will at all, is currently unknown. Sega has made no announcements on the subject since it leaked late last night.