LPL – Suning Finished The Chinese League Pro League Split In Third Place After Clean Sweep Over LGD

LPL – Suning Finished The Chinese League Pro League Split In Third Place After Clean Sweep Over LGD
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

Suning wrapped up their 2020 LPL Summer Split season in third place after securing a decisive 3-0 win over LGD Gaming.

Jungler Lê “SofM” Quang Duy popped off in this League of Legends match, receiving all three Player of the Game awards for his godlike performance throughout the entire series. He played three different champions: Lee Sin, Kayn, and Jarvan. He swapped between a more supportive and more carry-oriented role with ease, leading his team to victory and achieving a combined scoreline of 13/15/33.

The series began on a high note for LGD. They secured a gold lead and maintained it for most of the game. Victory appeared to be in their grasp after reaching a 10,000 gold difference. But Suning didn’t give up and kept farming and contesting objectives. After a miraculous play by SofM, Suning won a fight and closed out the first game of the series.

LGD failed to find anything meaningful in the second game. SofM popped off on Kayn, securing early leads for his team all over the map. Wherever ex-SKT jungler Peanut went, SofM was there to counter him. After demolishing LGD for over 30 minutes, Suning ended the second game and went on to match point.

The third game of the series looked intense for both teams. Suning were one step closer to winning the match while LGD went all out to try to attempt to reverse sweep the dominant squad. LGD secured early gold leads all across the map and looked in control of the game. But all hope was lost after Suning got their core items and grouped up. They kept winning fight after fight and eventually ended the game following a 28-minute teamfight.

Suning have been a part of the LPL since the 2017 Summer Split. While they had a couple of top-four regular season finishes, they always seemed to fail in the playoffs. This third-place finish is their best since the organization’s inception, which will give them a shot at the Regional Qualifier.

Recently, Suning was swept by TOP Esports in their playoff match. This championship appearance is huge for TES organization. Top Esports demonstrated their prowess with a win in the Mid-Season Cup in May, but they will now have the chance to prove their worth at Worlds this year. If they maintain their current performance, then there’s a probability that they’ll be the next team to 3-0 an EU team in the World Finals. While their Worlds spot is secured, they still need to sweat to win the LPL Summer Playoffs.