LGD Gaming Defeated Victory Five In China’s League Pro League 2020 Summer Split Week 2

LGD Gaming Defeated Victory Five In China’s League Pro League 2020 Summer Split Week 2
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

LGD Gaming locked down another win today in a long-fought League of Legends series against Victory Five, who previously held first seed in LPL’s Summer Split standings.

Former SKT jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho was had an impressive performance today in all three games, even in the one the team lost. Regardless of this, the MVP votes went to his teammates. One went to to the bottom laner Ha “Kramer” Jong-hun for his Ezreal performance in the first game and one to his support Ling “Mark” Xu for his Leona performance in the third game.

The first game began with early control from the Victory Five squad. They obtained the first Rift Herald and dragon, while LGD was giving up the early objectives to secure CS leads on all lanes. V5 maintained the gold lead but were losing control over the game. LGD played controlled and played to their power spike, leading to their first win of the series.

The second game began with a reverse situation. LGD acquired an early lead, but V5 played the control style game. LGD contested all objectives but in the end, V5 came out ahead and equalized the series.

After a devastating loss in the second game, LGD came out stronger and had an almost clean game, closing out the series in their favor. Kramer was phenomenal playing on Aphelios, but his support Mark had great engages allowing LGD to come out on top in every team fight.

LGD went through significant offseason changes, replacing most of their roster. They built around Peanut and Kramer and it seems to come to fruition so far. The team has been looking much better compared to the Spring Split, where they finished 15th out of 17th. If the team can maintain this form going forward, they might have a real shot at grabbing one of the middle-of-the-pack playoff spots.

LGD’s next two matches next week will put them to a test. Their first match is against Dominus Esports and Top Esports. While the first match should be quite easy, the second one will be a huge test to LGD’s skill. TES won the Mid-Season Cup in which they looked very dominant. LGD looks like a top tier team so far after finishing last places during the Spring Split.

You can tune in to the official Riot Games LPL channel next week to watch these matches and see if LGD can maintain their domination.