LNG Esports Dismantled Royal Never Give Up In China’s LPL Summer Split 2020

LNG Esports Dismantled Royal Never Give Up In China’s LPL Summer Split 2020
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

LNG Esports dominated Royal Never Give Up 2-0 today in the 2020 LPL Summer Split.

Mid laner Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang and ADC Wang “Light” Guang-Yu received the MVP votes for their performances on Azir and Ezreal, respectively. Both League of Legends players put on a good show for fans to watch and carried their team to victory.

The first game was a snoozefest with both teams trading objectives for most of the match. But LNG’s determination and objective priority allowed them to take the Cloud Dragon Soul at around 25 minutes.

Multiple chaotic fights followed this with no clear winner. RNG maintained a gold lead thanks to superior farming mechanics, but it didn’t matter in the long run once both teams had equal items.

After RNG took the Baron, their chances of coming back into the game rose. But then LNG grouped up and diminished RNG’s Baron value.

Once the Elder Dragon spawned, both teams ignored the rest of the map and rushed to it to deny it from the opposing squad. The fight was close, with both teams losing most players in the exchange. RNG managed to secure the Dragon, but LNG won the fight overall.

The game continued in LNG’s favor due to how strong Light was on Ezreal. Without a clear answer to his poke and superior positioning, RNG lost the game in the end.

Heading into the second game, LNG looked better prepared while RNG seemed demoralized after losing to a team that ended the last split in 16th place. LNG got an early lead and managed to snowball it into a huge one in just a couple of minutes. Early dragon priority worked out in their favor once again, securing the Mountain Dragon Soul at around 23 minutes.

With the Dragon Soul under their belt, LNG was unstoppable and went to take the Baron. After acquiring both buffs, they went to push RNG’s base and ended the game with no issues.

LNG’s next match is against the Spring Split rookies, eStar, who made a name for themselves by holding the top spot in the regular-season standings for multiple weeks. While eStar is only in their second split, they made a good name for themselves in the Spring Split, showing a huge dominance over the entire LPL region.

You can tune in to the official Riot Games LPL channel to see their next match if they have what it takes to take down eStar.