A Tale of Paper Is A PlayStation 4 Exclusive That Revolves Around A Strange Origami Character Exploring A Platforming Adventure

A Tale of Paper Is A PlayStation 4 Exclusive That Revolves Around A Strange Origami Character Exploring A Platforming Adventure
Credit: Open House Games via Youtube

Coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 this year is a unique origami adventure titled A Tale of Paper. Explore an emotional indie adventure as you go on an epic adventure to fulfill your creator’s dream. Explore a textless adventure that will allow its unique character to explore a strange world from a magical perspective.

This is a mixture between puzzle and platforming gameplay designed to inspire and invigorate the player. Enjoy moments of suspense mixed in with simple puzzles as you explore a world that unravels itself in front of you.

Meet Line, a character made of paper who has the unique ability to turn into different shapes. As he explores his environment players will meet a 3D side scrolling world mixed with atmospheric and immersive environments.

Face strange challenges as you explore a world similar to our own. Born from a dream, Line travels in hopes of meeting and exceeding the dream of his creator to the best of his paper abilities.

With no ability to defend yourself from several familiar and iconic enemies players will have to think their way through dangerous situations. Explore smarter options as you travel along a side-scrolling environment that expands both left, right, up and down.

As a small origami figure you will have to learn to navigate through the environmental unconventional ways. Explore multiple locations as you journey to a distant and strange land that no paper was meant to go.

For many, this game is very similar to Unravel, a story following the adventures of a small man made of yarn. Although the puzzle-solving mechanics are sure to be different, fans will no doubt be presented with similar challenges that are present when a character is of such a small size.

Still, this title will no doubt be very successful in its eventual PlayStation 4 release. After winning the V PlayStation Talents AWards the game was presented with the unique ability to be produced by a full team and brought to the PlayStation audience.

This is a story without text. Learn the narrative through the world, its objects, your journey, and the ambiance of everything around you. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, so a game could be worth millions.

Interested fans can find more about A Tale of Paper on its main website which includes tons of images, gifs, and more hinting at the future release. Enjoy a fresh new world that is beautiful in its simplistic nature.