Might Switch Force! Collection Set To be Released Next Month On All Major Platforms

Might Switch Force! Collection Set To be Released Next Month On All Major Platforms
Credit: WayForward

The game made its original debut in 2011 where it showed players a world of shooting, jumping, and puzzle solving heroes that travel across planet land. Players played as cybernetic peacekeeper Officer Patricia Wagon who is a member of the Mighty Switch Force. The game was select upon its original release, but now it will appear across all systems in one complete collection.

The game contains the four full games of the series: Mighty Switch Force!, Mighty Switch Force! 2, Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition, and Mighty Switch Force! Academy. The game was initially conceived as a showcase for stereoscopic 3D visuals, and before the developers knew it, an action-platformer was born.

In its original conception, the developers thought that Officer Wagon would user he Siren Helmet and switch blocks between four distinct layers to solve navigation puzzles. During the devlopment phase, the concept remained, but the layers got swapped down to two instead of the original four.

As per any good platform game as Officer Wagon switches around blocks, she must blast enemies and avoid hazards to complete each level. Some blocks, such as the Launch Blocks, come with special abilities like launching her or her enemies across the screen. She battles to recapture the Hooligan Sisters who have escaped the prison and are hiding in every stage. Once she has competed for her duties, she must meet up with her support robot, Corporal Gendarmor, and prepare for her next mission.

The concept was an immediate success and as the game progressed it eventually became Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition that took advantage of high-definition hardware to create gorgeously detailed HD cel art. In the sequel, Mighty Switch Force! 2, Officer Wagon must trade her Pellet Shooter for an Infinity Dousing Apparatus. She uses her glorified firehose to aid the Galactic Fire Brigade and save citizens from a raging inferno that is spreading across the planets.

In Mighty Switch Force! Academy players can view the entire stage and experience the game with multiplayer action of up to four players. It comes with both cooperative and competitive modes along with costumes from the previous games in the series.

This four pack of games has over 70 levels for players to enjoy with ever-changing challenges and level-switching for up to four players. This wealth of content is being sold for $19.99 is scheduled to arrive in digital stores on July 25. It is a great chance to experience the entire series and see the adventures of the Mighty Switch Force!