SteamDB Developer Uncovers An Upcoming Steam Profile Showcase Expansion For Your Weird Flex

SteamDB Developer Uncovers An Upcoming Steam Profile Showcase Expansion For Your Weird Flex
Credit: Valve via YouTube

Whenever someone clicks on your profile, if you care about such things on the more social side of what the Steam platform offers, you have the ability to curate precisely what they see.

Whether it’s your jaw-dropping screenshots that took you an agonizingly long time to capture perfectly, a rare achievement that very few could manage, or simply flexing the number of badges that you’ve crafted in the past decade and some change that brought your Steam level to a desired number, it’s all indifferent.

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They’re all strange flexes, and a wealth of users on the Steam platform dig deep through their catalogue to show off some of their rarest feats and impeccable skills.

Being that the Steam platform is largely considered a platform because there is far more than simply purchasing games with a monumental number of communities all looking to band together and play through some games, some may argue that the social functions of Steam are becoming as important as the distinguishing sales that Valve continues to offer, often on a monthly basis.

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Pavel Djundik, also known as the developer behind SteamDB (which we used to figure that Persona 4 was coming to PC along with a slew of other leaks) has found a new update for the Steam social aspects, this time apparently revolving around the usage of upgrading users showcases in the newly released point store that offers stickers, chat effects, and animated profile badges.

It appears currently that, by using points, users will be able to further customize their profile by being able to feature artwork from the user, or boasting about their community awards.

The Steam points are amassed by purchasing titles on the Steam platform, which we’ve discussed at length in the past, so all that we’re currently waiting on is for Valve to officially announce it, along with roughly how much the profile upgrades or purchases are going to cost.

There’s a fine line to walk for Valve, as we’ve mentioned that the social aspects of Steam are frankly hit and miss with the massive population that frequents the platform; too high could further discourage some, while offering too low of a price could make it commonplace to the point that it’s worthless to have as a point-sink; an aspect that Valve needs to figure to weigh for both veterans of the platform and to continue to encourage purchases.

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As though the platform being the largest on PC with a slew of upgrades for PC gamers of all types isn’t enough.

We’re expecting these upgrades to hit either at the tail-end of the current Autumn Sale, or shortly after (and before the Winter Sale).