The Rumored Operation 10 For Counter-Strike Isn’t What It Seems As Apparent Map, Isn’t

The Rumored Operation 10 For Counter-Strike Isn’t What It Seems As Apparent Map, Isn’t
Credit: Ease Clan via YouTube

We warned readers to note where the most recent news regarding the tenth operation of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was coming from: users that had arguably made a career on insisting that Source 2 was always right around the corner.

Many users would hang on these statements that are typically vague, pointing to select pieces within code that shows the usage of a new engine, and the cycle would continue; so when they started explaining how the next operation for CS:GO was right around the corner, in spite of offering additional notes comparing the change to the 2019 update that brought Shattered Web, very few people were making plans.

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One of the pieces that were most pointed to, and resulted in the ‘Winter is coming’ being repeated like a mantra, was an update to a map called ‘dz_frostbite’.

Pavel Djundik, a well-trusted source that has dived deep through SteamDB in the past and brought us heaping piles of juice, explored the tag ‘dz_frostbite’, and the results aren’t necessarily something that actually implies an upcoming operation.

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It’s actually a fix for DangerZone, the battle-royale aspect of Counter-Strike, as it simply offers a fix for drones.

The only winter that appears to be coming, unless we’ve all been blind-sided by Valve, is the one that brings Christmas.

A further point to note is Pavel’s second tweet, where the map makers state that they haven’t been contacted by Valve; in the event of a new operation, map makers (members of the community) are contacted by Valve to suss out the legal of offering community-work in exchange for money.

They haven’t been contacted by Valve yet, as of November 8.

Granted, we could all have the wool being pulled over our eyes by any number of sources, but it does not appear as the next operation is going to be pushed out anytime soon. Pavel further states that, occasionally, the evidence could be there but Valve opts to not act on it.

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Sad trombone for everyone hoping for a new coin to level, but there’s simply no evidence that has been found at the moment that coincides with the statements that users have made, whether that involves insider-information using vague ‘sources’ or a deeper understanding of Steam’s database than others have.

This isn’t to state that the scouring and analysis of Steam’s back-end aren’t worth the time invested; simply that there are occasions where updates are simply not what they seem.

Take heart: at least the bot Major has just started.