Based On Leaked App IDs From SteamDB It Appears That Persona 4 Golden Could Be Coming To PC

Based On Leaked App IDs From SteamDB It Appears That Persona 4 Golden Could Be Coming To PC
Credit: IGN via YouTube

First and foremost, this is a possibility based on specific libraries and images that have been seen in the Steam database, also known as SteamDB. In no way should this be read as an absolute, or guarantee, as is the case with leaks and rumors online. Nonetheless, it has already caused a bit of an upstir on the internet, based just on the possibility of it alone, and the images included are, for lack of a better term, mildly damning.

With our bases covered in terms of expectancy, pictures have been leaked that collaborate with Persona 4 Golden coming to Steam eight years after it originally debuted on the PlayStation Vita on June 14, 2012.

This could be big for fans of Persona that has been a mainstay of the PlayStation consoles as an exclusive and is also on par with how Sony has been treating PCs after Microsoft similarly warmed up to the idea of more people playing their titles.

It’s a bizarre notion, but hopefully one that will stick.

This is coming from Pavel Djundik who has been startlingly precise on what he’s mined up; the full-stack developer has become well-known on Twitter for being able to discern what is coming where well before companies are ready to announce it.

While the image that Pavel links is indeed from Persona 4 Golden, he furthers his claim that, based on private information that he received, it appears Persona 4 Golden will be coming to Steam. It’s currently not known when, or even what it will retail for, but there are apparently good things inbound for fans of the JRPG series that focuses on the strength of friendship during times of turmoil, without buckling to the level of a children’s show with that message.

If this does hold weight as a leak, then it’s an exciting time to be a PC gamer; Microsoft has finally capitulated and brought their titles over resulting in Halo: The Master Chief Collection along with a slew of other titles arriving on Steam that were originally Microsoft Store exclusives, and it seems that PlayStation might actually be locking in cadence behind them.

In spite of this, don’t expect console-exclusives to completely vanish; they’re helpful for pushing consoles to fans that want the immediate experience, and companies have been using exclusivity deals for decades, although now they’re segregating previously unified platforms.

While many may be rejoicing at the idea of all console-exclusives eventually arriving on PC in one form or another, Nintendo will likely not surrender their IPs, as they’re beholden on them more than other consoles. Super Mario Maker 3 on PC seems, quite frankly, a massive blow to the Japanese console.

Still, we take victories where we can get them, and this seems like a big victory for fans of meaty RPGs. Just make sure you have roughly 140 hours of free time needed to conquer the title, if it does arrive.

UPDATE: A Denuvo support page for Persona 4 Golden has been found here shifting this rumor from ‘a bit far-fetched’ to ‘more than likely’. Good news, Persona is coming. Bad news, it’s coming with Denuvo.