New Watch Dogs – Legion Gameplay Video Reveals Xbox Series S Ray Tracing In Action With Promising Results

New Watch Dogs – Legion Gameplay Video Reveals Xbox Series S Ray Tracing In Action With Promising Results
Credit: Ubisoft

A senior editor at the Verge and YouTuber, Tom Warren, recorded a new Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay video, detailing Xbox Series S Ray Tracing in action, quite reasonable for a console priced at $299.

While the Xbox Series X and S both support DirectX Ray Tracing, Series S renders Titles with lower resolution than it’s higher-labeled counterpart. And for those who haven’t figured, the price difference between Microsoft’s next-gen is USD 200, and that’s a lot!

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Having said that, an obvious question that comes up is how Ray Tracing will look on Microsoft’s lower-end consoles? This is what senior editor at the Verge, Tom Warren, tried to explore with the new video he uploaded on YouTube, which showcased Series S’s Ray Tracing capabilities while running Ubisoft‘s Watch Dogs: Legion.

And the result? Well, it was impressing. You can confirm this yourself. Take a look at the videos below:

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As stated earlier, the video below shows Legion running on the Series S ramped to 4K resolution and 30fps. As stated by Warren, HDR was specifically disabled mainly for capture purposes.

The footage also contains some footage of Legion running on the Xbox Series X with Ray Tracing enabled in 4K resolution and 30fps. We’ve also included an additional Legion Xbox Series X video.

Think about it. For a console that costs $299, the results are jaw-dropping, to say the least. At this point, it’s right to say the game night looks much better on Microsoft’s console than on PC setups, which is double the price of the Series S.

On that note, the Xbox Series S launched alongside the Xbox Series X globally today, depending on what part of the world you’re from.

Notwithstanding, here’s an excerpt of the Xbox Series S review, covered by Dave of Wccftech:

“But again, that’s not really the point, or is it? When buying an Xbox Series S, you’re not looking for 4K visuals that will blow your mind like nothing ever has done before. Instead, you’re looking for an affordable way to buy into the next generation of gaming to future-proof your entertainment center, as I said earlier. And for that, the Xbox Series S is very compelling. It’s cheap, affordable, and will, at the very least, run the games you want to play for years to come. When something truly next-gen appears on Microsoft consoles, it will come to Xbox Series S, and that’s all you really need to know.”

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Now let’s hear from you; what are your thoughts on Ray Tracing for the Xbox Series S? Let us know! Get ready for its launch later today!