Ray Tracing Support Would Possibly Be Included In The Next Navi GPU Update In December

Ray Tracing Support Would Possibly Be Included In The Next Navi GPU Update In December
Credit: Gamer Meld via YouTube

Tech insiders have always believed the AMD Radeon has been coded with ray-tracing capabilities months after a series of updates have been implemented. Recent speculations confirm that the GPU maker would be introducing support for the graphics technology, possibly by December this year.

References regarding the DirectX Raytracing from Microsoft were discovered by many tech enthusiasts floating on the launched driver information of the Radeon Adrenalin Edition 19.7.2. The driver update was released last July, giving everyone a glimpse of what was going behind the AMD tech façade.

Additionally, this report seems to have truth following the AMD partner event, which happened just a few days ago. During the tech gathering, AMD confirmed that a new Radeon Software will be released this December, which insiders have always believed to happen.

Many are still quick to dismiss the possibilities, given that the Microsoft DXR code has been present in the AMD driver since. Tech experts are trying to put this new at the hindsight since it is believed that the unique features of the Radeon Software would be the DXR ray tracing support.

Though the industry has always known this would eventually happen, the speculations were fuelled by a tech analyst by the name of Komachi. He posted a message on his Twitter board, referencing the DXR update released last July. His tweet seems to confirm that AMD will possibly introduce ray tracing technology at the end of this year.

And given that the technology has been present in the coding system of the Radeon GPU, it might possibly be that they will just flick some switches to enable the ray tracing feature with its existing line of Nave GPUs.

There are also some opinions circulating that merely enabling the trigger would be risky for AMD. The last thing on their minds would be to provide their customers with an inferior ray tracing version compared to what Nvidia has already released.

While the long-rumored release of ray tracing for Radeon cards might already be on the way, AMD might also be on the heels for the equally gossiped Nvidia killer GPU, which is expected for release mid-2020.

It would at least be worth the wait for the next series of higher-end Navi models, which will have the full capacity to run the DXR. So, gamers who would like to take advantage of the ray tracing technology might perhaps wait than settle with less optimal hardware that may not have the full potential to run high-def games.

On the side note, we can expect to have the Radeon Software update this December.