Command An Army Of Mechs In The New Anime-Inspired Game Warborn

Command An Army Of Mechs In The New Anime-Inspired Game Warborn
Credit: PQube via YouTube

If you’ve ever wanted to command your own army of giant mechs, then you’re in luck; the development team at Raredrop Games, the studio behind the iOS puzzle game To The Throne, is bringing giant robot strategy to all of the major platforms next year.

Warborn is an turn-based strategy game similar to games like Fire Emblem and Wargroove. In the world of Warborn, you play as the commander of an elite group of soldiers who pilot giant war mechs called Variable Armours. Fans of the genre will be right at home here, as the game featured classic hex-based movement, enemy weaknesses and strengths based on equipped weapons, and even close-up animated battle screens when encounter enemy soliders on the battlefield.

The game will feature an extensive single-player campaign that lets you experience the story through different perspectives. There are four unique factions in the game, and each of them have their own reason for taking part in the war at hand. You’ll be able to play as all of them during the campaign, uncovering the full story as you go. Not only will the game feature single-player skirmishes and challenges, there will also be an online multiplayer mode that will let you take part in casual and ranked matches against other commanders.

The game’s story and battles will take place over several different environments, ranging from locations on Earth to locations in space, such as the moon. Because the game uses a very simple hexagonal map system, the developers at Raredrop Games are also including a map editor that will let you design your own battlefields. As of right now, it’s unknown if you’ll be able to share these maps online or if they will be restricted to your local device.

Visually, Warborn is heavily inspired by legendary anime franchises such as Gundam, Robotech, and Gurren Lagann. These influences can be seen across all aspects of the game; the giant mechs are colorful and unique, with a variety of different weapons from explosive cannons to laser swords and everything in-between. The characters and cutscenes are brought to life with beautifully animated hand-drawn art that could easily fit in any of the aforementioned anime universes.

Raredrop Games and their publisher PQube will be showing off more details for Warborn this weekend at the EGx 2019 event in London. As of right now, the company plans to release the game sometime in the spring of 2020, and it will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PX, and Xbox One.