Square Enix Confirms Another Character For Marvel’s Avengers Video Game, Is It Captain Marvel?

Square Enix Confirms Another Character For Marvel’s Avengers Video Game, Is It Captain Marvel?
Credit: Marvel's Avengers via YouTube

Has Square Enix just confirmed the arrival of the highly anticipated character in Marvel’s Avengers?

The publisher of the upcoming video game has named another character to join its roster of superheroes. Sadly, it is not yet the one fans have been waiting to see.

Since the game developed by Crystal Dynamics has been introduced, Marvel superfans have been asking for one name. They want Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel confirmed. However, their desire has not been granted until now.

Despite the bad news, there is still something to look forward to. Square Enix has identified Kamala Khan or Ms. Marvel as the new character of Marvel’s Avengers. She may not be Captain Marvel yet, but close enough.

Accordingly, Kamala adores and idolizes Carol a lot. This could be something that would make the players’ interest in her grow further.

On the game’s official Twitter account, it was learned that the newest addition would uncover a “shocking conspiracy.” Likewise, she would take the lead in taking the path towards making changes in the Mightiest Heroes of the Earth.

Kamala has already been featured in the footage of the gameplay prologue. That is the latest update. However, the people behind Marvel’s Avengers have refused to provide more details about the recently named character.

According to them, they must keep Ms. Marvel’s full role as a secret.

The question now is: Are fans happy to have Kamala in the Marvel Universe-based video game?

Based on their responses to the said tweet, it appears that they want to see a different hero. Instead of seeing Captain Marvel’s avid fan, they want Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch. They want to play another character, but never Kamala.

For some gamers, she is the “most boring” hero to be ever added to Marvel’s Avengers.

Previously confirmed playable superheroes of the game are Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, and Thor.

Meanwhile, famed American toymaker Hasbro, Inc. has announced that the videogame is finally getting its first action figure. The first character to be featured is Iron Man.

The global brand is making sure that the new action figure is packed with attention-worthy features. The Iron Man toy has blasters, and its hands can be replaced with fists.

There have been a lot of toys patterned after the iron suit-clad superhero. Nevertheless, the new one looks exactly like the one that appeared in the game.

Talking about action figures, wouldn’t it be great to find a character that is seldom manufactured into toys? In short, it would be awesome if Hasbro would feature Ms. Marvel next.

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