Life is Strange 2 Physical Edition Coming Soon For Consoles And PC

Life is Strange 2 Physical Edition Coming Soon For Consoles And PC
Credit: Square Enix Website

Square Enix announced Life is Strange 2 will soon be released in physical form. DONTNOD Entertainment develops the award-winning series and published by Square Enix.

Life is Strange 2 is currently only available digitally on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam. The series was released on September 2018, with new episodes being slowly released throughout 2019. The fifth, and final, installment is scheduled to be released on December 3, 2019.

Life is Strange 2 is part of the Life is Strange franchise but has a brand-new story separate from the original cast. Life is Strange 2 lets players take control of Sean and Daniel Diaz, brothers forced on the road after a tragic accident. The Diaz brothers have one goal in mind: make it to Mexico to reunite with family members without being separated.

Fate has something different planned for the pair, which players will have to guide Sean to make the right decisions to protect Daniel while also raising him to become an adult. The pair will meet several new friends, and enemies, along the way. How the brothers handle these newcomers depends on the actions of the player.

Fans will soon have the opportunity to own Life is Strange 2 in physical form. There will be a special Collector’s Edition ($69.99) and Standard Edition ($39.99) of the game.

Both editions of the game come with the complete season, episodes 1-5. The bonus game The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, which is currently available free, will also be included. Gamers can also customize Sean’s in-game backpack with various Arcadia Bay patches. The Standard edition will come with three art cards.

The Collector’s Edition is limited to only one production run, meaning when it runs out, it’s gone for good. This edition contains a 4x 7 vinyl box set of the games’ soundtrack, a 32-page hardcover art book with concept art, and 4″ vinyl figures of the games’ protagonists Sean and Daniel all contained in a special box. This edition will only be available through the Square Enix website, so fans will have to act fast to buy it while it’s available.

The physical editions of Life is Strange 2 will be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in Europe on December 3, 2019, and in the US on February 2020.

Pre-orders are currently available on the Square Enix website.