CS:GO – The Return Of The Bot Major Announced To Begin On November 9 On Twitch

CS:GO – The Return Of The Bot Major Announced To Begin On November 9 On Twitch
Credit: Smurfson via YouTube

It’s the return of The Bot Major, and we actually aren’t talking about MIBR stepping into a server.

Programmers try to build the best team of bots and have them compete within a server against each other until only one team reigns supreme. it’s both fantastic and hilarious, and features more than a few interesting guests as Richard Lewis tries to fill in the odd voids that occur as literal bots attempt to compete against each other.

To say that it isn’t the best Counter-Strike is absolutely fair; to say that it’s premier entertainment is similarly accurate.

It all is scheduled to begin on November 9, 2020, live on Twitch; specifically on Richard Lewis channel at www.Twitch.TV/RichardLewisReports.

Even currently when CS:GO fatigue is running rampant, with every single day somehow promising two top-ten teams clashing in some server for some tournament, The Bot Majors should offer a nice respite from the relative burn out that viewers are experiencing (and players have been suffering through).

From 360 plants to bots failing to fire their weapons and turning into walking punching bags, it’s a surprisingly precise look at gameplay within Silver rankings; meaning you won’t have to log in to actually see the bizarre shenanigans that are consistently afoot, you can just watch the Bot Majors.

Jabs aside, the Bot Majors are usually high-tier entertainment if you’re not taking things too seriously.

The surprisingly well-done trailer for the upcoming Bot Major is astoundingly high quality, and likely the highest-quality we’ll see surrounding Counter-Strike for the rest of the pandemic.

With bot legends coming back from retirement such as Dust, Zeus, and perhaps even Dave coming back with its impeccable penchant for walking towards enemies with a knife during a full buy round, this guarantees that the return of the Bot Majors will be well-celebrated and in top form.


If you’re unfamiliar with the Bot Major, it makes sense; the last one appears to have been held five years ago by the German website 99damage.de, and has since fallen wayside for more serious endeavors.

This could well be the inevitable return of The Bot Majors, although it likely hinges on the audience that it can attract compared directly to how much of a hassle and time-sink it is for those running it.

For fans of watching bots attempting to figure out how to defuse, however, no such calculations will be needed. Just make sure you’re in the channel on November 9.