Silent Hill 2’s Pyramid Head And Nurse Prepare For A Figma Release

Silent Hill 2’s Pyramid Head And Nurse Prepare For A Figma Release
Credit: Good Smile Company Website

More Silent Hill is on the way thanks to Good Smile Company’s latest Figma announcements. The company has announced Figmas for the Bubble Head Nurse and Pyramid Head from their Silent Hill 2 appearances.

The Figmas are both available to preorder now with plans to launch them in July 2021. The Figmas have been previously released but have long sold out. The Nurse was first offered in November 2015, and this will be her second re-release. Meanwhile, Pyramid Head was released in April 2015 and a few months later in October.

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The Figma figures are highly detailed items with additional accessories. They all come packaged with a clear, articulated stand to allow fans to pose the toys in scenes from the game.

Bubble Head Nurse comes with both a bloody knife and a metal pipe. These items can be used with other Figmas as well. The Nurse is packaged with alternate head parts. One of the heads is a monstrous face without eyes, while the other has a molded white mask.

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Careful attention was also given to the nurse so she can recreate her creepy walk. Players can also make her stand normally, or in other poses with help from the Figma stand.

Pyramid Head is a much larger Figma than the Nurse, mostly because of his helmet. Unfortunately, the helmet does not come off, but according to the preview images, some of the weapons can get lodged inside, such as a spear.

Pyramid Head comes with flexible plastic that allows him to be posable, even though he’s wearing a large wrap around his waist. The Figma is packaged with his Great knife and Spear, which are both covered in rust and blood. Pyramid Head also comes with various hand parts to hold onto the weapons.

The official Good Smile website has some images of scenes recreated from the game. They include Pyramid Head dragging the Nurse figure to her doom.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that any of the main protagonists from the Silent Hill series will be recreated in Figma or Nendoroid form any time soon. As for now, fans can add the detailed Figma of Nurse and Pyramid Head into their collections.

Silent Hill 2 Figmas of Bubble Head Nurse and Pyramid Head will be re-released in July 2021.