Selena Gomez Sues Dress-Up Game ‘Clothes Forever – Styling Game’ For Millions Of Dollars For Image Theft

Selena Gomez Sues Dress-Up Game ‘Clothes Forever – Styling Game’ For Millions Of Dollars For Image Theft
Credit: Sony

Selena Gomez is one of the most beautiful superstars in the music industry, and now she is a powerhouse of fashion and film as well. Only a little while ago, she took the Weeknd’s heart and crushed it into a million pieces, and ever since then, we have all recognized that she is a titan of a pure powerhouse, and everyone needs to back up and give her her space and chill out a bit. Well, as it turns out, someone did not get the memo at all. And these people are putting all of us into some serious danger. What do we mean?

Well, as it turns out, Selena ended up doing some serious damage. She went out there, attacked the major players, and walked away with a major victory. What do we mean by this? Well, one of those dumb little mobile games that is just trying to suck up a bunch of cash from the players of the video games of the world took a wrong turn at Dumbsville. They took a straight-up front-page photo of our girl and used it in one of their video game promo ads, and now the titan of the music industry is straight-up suing them for a lot of big old cash dollar bills.

First off, you never mess with the celebrities. Second, you never mess with Selena Gomez, okay? What she just did here is take a lot of cash and throw it in the face of her enemies, and they are all running in fear. Keep on reading below to find out more if you dare.

This game, which goes by the ignoble title of “Clothes Forever – Styling Game,” ended up copping the photo of Selena from the front page of the magazine known only as Figure in the fashion industry. That’s a big no-no, and all of us who have been sued by the fashion industry can tell you.

They went the wrong way, and now they are all suffering the penalties. Selena is suing them for $10 million dollars, and it is a big and bad time for these folks. Wow, that is absolutely incredible.

We hope they make it out of there okay because if not, then who else is going to make a serious fashion game in this industry. Well, we wish them the best of luck. One thing is for sure: Do not go onto your iPhone or Android phone and download this game if you know what is good for you because they seem to be total thieves.