Final Fantasy VII Remake Does Everything In Excruciating Detail, From Pipes And AC Units To Cloud And Eco Terrorists

Final Fantasy VII Remake Does Everything In Excruciating Detail, From Pipes And AC Units To Cloud And Eco Terrorists
Credit: PlayStaion via YouTube

When Final Fantasy VII first came out, most of us were children. Some of you who are reading this right now, I suppose, wasn’t even born yet. You weren’t even a concept. You were just an empty hole brimming with possibility–a lack of existence if you will. But despite all of this metaphysical jargon, your birth anticipated the existence of what we would only come to call Final Fantasy VII Remake, and we should all be thankful for that kind of thing if you know what I mean about all of this in any sort of reasonable way.

So when Final Fantasy VII first came out, we loved it (those of us who were able to experience it), and the love made it seem as if the game itself was really in the most real sense. It’s bizarre and even discomfiting to look at the game graphics in the modern age. It doesn’t even seem to make any sense. Was this really what we were playing all the way back when? Yes, apparently it was. And now here we are. That’s why Final Fantasy VII Remake seems to just be filling a hole that never truly existed, but even beyond this, it is absolutely surprising how great the graphics actually are.

And not even just the graphics. We are really talking about the fact that this game just makes you want to touch and feel all the crazy stuff going on inside the realm of the game. Everything looks real, and everything has what appears to be moving and workable pieces.

You can look at the pipes and think to yourself, “Someone actually put those pipes together and tightened the bolts to make them fit together.” It is not normal for someone to think that when they play video games. But anyway, here we are if you know what I mean.

What we are really trying to say here is this: You need to get out there and get it, or don’t. But don’t be too surprised when you fall flat on your face. Because if you don’t get this game, then you probably will eventually anyway.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now for the PlayStation 4, and it is a titan of a remake. It is perhaps the greatest remake ever made in remake history. If you want a piece of that action, you should get in now while it’s still possible to have this kind of discourse.