Netflix Confirms Production Of The Witcher Anime Film Called Nightmare Of The Wolf

Netflix Confirms Production Of The Witcher Anime Film Called Nightmare Of The Wolf
Credit: Netflix

While season two of The Witcher is in pre-production, Netflix has announced that they are also producing an anime film for their new series called “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.” The film will be developed by the animation studio behind The Legend of Korra.

On Wednesday, one of Netflix’s social media accounts confirmed that they are doing a Witcher anime movie, saying that a new story is in the works. In the tweet, the streaming service said that the movie, the aforementioned Nightmare of the Wolf, will introduce a new threat to The Continent. They also confirmed that Lauren Hissrich, who is the writer behind the Netflix series, will also be working on the upcoming anime film.

Season one of The Witcher was a huge success according to Netflix, as it was the second-most-watched show on the platform in 2019, which is incredible considering that it was only available for 10 days before we flipped over to the new year. The service wasn’t surprised by its success, as they confirmed a second season before the release of season one.

After the Nightmare of the Wolf anime was officially announced by Netflix, Lauren Hissrich said that she’s been keeping it a secret for about a year now, so the movie has been in production for quite a while.

Even though the anime has been in production for over a year, there’s been no release date attached to it. So, it’s unclear if it’ll be released before Netflix drops season two of The Witcher next year, or if it’ll be released in addition to it.

Neither Geralt of Rivia or Henry Cavill have been confirmed for the upcoming anime project, but given its name — Nightmare of the Wolf — it’s probably safe to assume that The Continent’s most famous Witcher will play a major part in it.

It was recently confirmed by Cavill that season two of The Witcher has started pre-production, and will begin filming in the next couple of months. As of right now, it looks like season two won’t be released until mid-2021, so it would probably make sense for Netflix to release their new anime project before then, as they’ll likely want to give fans of the show something between now and then.

Season one of Netflix’s The Witcher is available now and features eight one hour episodes, and for the most part, the show’s first season has been well-received.