Real Farm – Gold Edition Will Come To PC, PlayStation 4, And Xbox One Fans Bringing An Enriching Virtual Farming Enviroment

Real Farm – Gold Edition Will Come To PC, PlayStation 4, And Xbox One Fans Bringing An Enriching Virtual Farming Enviroment
Credit: Steam XO

SOEDESCO has announced its farming game with new improvements that will enhance the overall feeling of the title for virtual farmers. Enjoy a full version of Real Farm with all the DLCs, updates, and optimizations in one complete package. Real Farm Gold Edition is planned for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Anyone who owns a copy of the base game on any platform will gain a free update to the Gold Edition. Players who own the game on Steam can try a free Beta version of Gold Edition prior to its full release. Be sure to check out Real Farm on your preferred platform to pay less then Gold Edition if you are planning to purchase this title.

Grow your farm to success in this hard work simulator. Start your career as a farmhand and build your way up to own the land, crops, animals, and staff. Become an authority in the farming community as a well-respected farmer who works hard and makes an honest living.

Prepare for one of the most in-depth agricultural simulators on the market. Take the role of a wannabe farmer as you stake your claim and start the journey of food production. Drive powerful machines and grow your reputation among the farming community.

It is up to you whether you invest in livestock or crops. Grow your cash and customize your farm to your heart’s content. If you only want animals, have animals. The choice is up to you and your profit-making plan.

Take advantage of the best prices on the marketplace but be careful as your actions and your competitors will affect the in-game economy in real-time. This game teaches players how to cultivate the land and reap rewards from modern agriculture practices.

This is a massive 4k open-world experience that will let players establish their farm in a fulfilling career mode. The game comes loaded with pick up and ply controls alongside a comprehensive tutorial.

Learn the ropes your way as you sow crops, keep livestock, and manage a farm.

This game comes loaded with a massive array of farm vehicles and machinery. It is up to you to use each vehicle and transport the finished product around the map. This is a hands-on job, not a passive simulation game.

There is no official release date for Real Farm Gold Edition as of yet but fans are promised it will be in the near future so it might debut this year.