FuturLab Games Has Created A PowerWash Simulator Demo That Is Quickly Gaining Popularity, Relax With A Bit Of High-Pressured Cleaning

FuturLab Games Has Created A PowerWash Simulator Demo That Is Quickly Gaining Popularity, Relax With A Bit Of High-Pressured Cleaning
Credit: FuturLab via Youtube

If life is stressing you out, then maybe take a break with some high-pressured relaxation. In PowerWash Simulator, players wield a PowerWasher which they use to blast away every speck of dirt and grime in sight. Using different nozzles, players can master their own unique patterns and optimize their PowerWashing technique.

PowerWash Simulator is planned for an Early Acces launch later in the year, but the developers have decided to debut the title early in a demo form. With massive amounts of players confined to their home, the development team figured that fans could use a stress reliever, and their game fit that need.


There is tons more planned for the official Early Access release of this title. The demo provides the ability to clean a house. Degriming it is a peaceful experience that provides much-needed stress relief during recent world events.

Once released from the demo and fully published on Steam Early Access, players will be able to travel far from the humble demo home. Emergency PowerWashing calls will make players travel across the city as they meet public demand. Unlock new tools and build a fully functioning PowerWashing business as you help “degrime” the city of all their dirt and stains.

The town is your canvas as you shape and clean the grime off of different buildings. Create PowerWashing masterpieces as you express your creative see and form unique patterns. In the game’s full release, players will be able to take photos and attend PowerWashing competitions to show off their creations.

The main goal for the game creators is to provide a relaxing environment for fans to enjoy. Sit back and allow the ambient sounds to wash over you as you wash the building of dirt from its stained patios and pavements. The game is already home to a community of over 900,000 enthusiasts on Reddit, so the game is already receiving a well-loved reception.

The game is still making progress in development. All feedback can be made through the developer’s Discord, where they are actively sharing progress with fans. For now, though, they are focusing on creating more water feedback with particles, spray, mud run-off, and suds.

The game will appear sometime on Steam Early Access, allowing even more PowerWashing filled adventures. Interested fans are invited to join the game’s Discord, along with reaching out on the community Reddit page. You can find the demo available on Itch.io for free.