Focus Home Interactive Has Generously Unveiled An Extended Trailer Of Gameplay For The Surge 2

Focus Home Interactive Has Generously Unveiled An Extended Trailer Of Gameplay For The Surge 2
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

If you’re into games with a lot of graphic content, then The Surge 2 is probably on your radar. Like the original, you’ll have the ability to cut off limbs and heads with all sorts of melee weapons. It’s a pretty graphic combat system that hasn’t been showcased in a lot of modern action-adventure games.

To highlight this intense action, the publisher Focus Home Interactive has generously unveiled an extended trailer showing more of the gameplay. Oh man, does The Surge 2 look like such a unique and brutal game in terms of the combat. There are roughly 13 minutes of epic combat to really dive head-first into.

It should first be noted that this gameplay footage is raw, completely unedited and gives us a better understanding of the direction Deck13 Interactive is going in. The footage starts off with the user scrolling through their created character’s inventory system. There seems like quite a bit of weapons and accessories to choose from, depending on how you want to approach combat.

After selecting a weapon for his back piece, the user casually strolls over behind an enemy and starts to engage in combat. The player uses a lot of dash maneuvers to avoid enemy fire, where he then follows up with melee blows. The combat system already seems pretty fluid. Once the last enemy is near death, the player cuts off his head. The head goes flying after a perfectly timed swipe. It’s certainly a visual that sticks with you, even moments later as the player resumes combat with other enemies.

As the head lies on the ground, the user acquires loot. That appears to be a huge part of this game. You can take down enemies and grab their gear after a hard-fought battle. In addition to the user’s melee-based attacks, he relies on some sort of drone. It’s like an assistant that can help out in battle when you’re surrounded by multiple enemies.

We then see the user cut off some more heads like it’s a walk in the park. There’s something so memorable about this combat system that makes you want to try it out first-hand. Blocking also is another important mechanic of combat in which you’ll have to time enemy attacks perfectly.

Overall, this gameplay footage is showing a pretty distinct game. The Surge 2 officially launches on September 24, which is just a couple of weeks away. Judging by this gameplay trailer, you’re in store for some pretty brutal action.