The Official Launch For Gears Of War 5 Has Started Off A Little Rocky, But Developers Are Working Out The Kinks

The Official Launch For Gears Of War 5 Has Started Off A Little Rocky, But Developers Are Working Out The Kinks
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Gears of War 5 is finally upon us. Finally, fans get to see what happens to Kate Diaz and her trusted companions in an incredible journey to defeat the locust hive. The Coalition have done a great job at promoting their latest work through gameplay reveals and insights on the various multiplayer modes.

Like most AAA games, The Coalition had a bit of a rocky start. This is to be expected with every game, really. Most notably, players have experienced a lot of stability issues with their servers. As you can imagine, this has lead to some pretty inconsistent experiences for those playing through the multiplayer portion of the game. Many gamers are claiming to be in the middle of a match and then suddenly get disconnected.

Considering how many people are playing this game right now on the Xbox One and PC, these connection issues were more than guaranteed. That doesn’t mean the developers are just going to sit back and let gamers continue to have these less than ideal experiences. They’re currently in progress of fixing a lot of these server issues. They’ll listening to the community and implementing changes where they’re needed the most.

Another issue for those who’ve opted to get the Ultimate Edition is missing content. As you can imagine, this has frustrated these select gamers because they’re paying a premium for additional content. For this issue, The Coalition recommends hard-resetting the game and then trying to access the additional content again. For this most part, this has seemed to work.

Every couple of hours, it seems like side updates are coming to the game with the intent of stabilizing the servers. These changes have worked pretty well overall. It’s great to see the developers really take a proactive approach to these issues. They know how much people care about the Gears franchise, and they’ll do everything they can to keep gamers happy going forward.

If you’re holding off on getting Gears of War 5 with the exact reason of avoiding these initial bugs, you shouldn’t have to wait too much longer. The Coalition are doing everything they can to make this game as good as it can be. A couple more weeks should be all the time you need to enjoy a more user-friendly experience, especially when you’re trying to connect to the servers online. In the mean time, most of the game is still great.