Pinball-Inspired Dungeon Crawler Game Creature In The Well Is Finally Launched

Pinball-Inspired Dungeon Crawler Game Creature In The Well Is Finally Launched
Credit: Flight School Studio via YouTube

The Creature in the Well is a game developed by the Flight School Studio that has recently been released. With an exceptional 78% of positive reviews on Steam, this action game is off to a promising start.

The infamous pinball game styles inspire this quirky puzzle game with a touch of ancient settings. By combining pinball and dungeon-crawlers, the game successfully produces a delightful genre mash-up that gives players an experience they never had before.

Players will play the role of the last standing robot unit called BOT-C that sets off on a mission to prevent a small town from getting destroyed by a massive sandstorm. To avoid such happenings, players need to power up an old weather machine that has been inactive for a long time.

The game’s end goal may sound simple; players only need to activate the dormant machine, what’s so hard about it, right? But truthfully, this is not the case. The game developer included a twist in the game, and that is by adding creatures in the game.

The ancient establishment is dwelled by monsters and creatures that try to stop the players from advancing and reactivating the machine. Players need to fight them off and conquer each dungeon level.

Each dungeon has specific sets of challenges for players to conquer with exciting combats; some are easy to clear, while others need correct timing and precision. The area of the room has a similar set up to that of pinball machines. Players will charge up energy balls and strike them around the machinery that is neatly-placed within each room.

Players will not be the only one initiating attacks; some machines are built to produce autonomous attacks. Hence, players also need to have quick reflexes to evade these attacks.

Once enough energy is absorbed, the machine will be fully activated. The activated device will open up new doors that will allow players to go deeper into the dungeon. A total of eight unique dungeons are needed to be unlocked.

Along the way, players will uncover more secrets about the machine as well as themselves.

Interested players can take a quick look at the game’s launch trailer here and get them from Steam, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox One.

As players embark deeper into the mystifying mountain, they will discover over 20 distinct objects, including weaponry and gadgets that can be upgraded to change the playstyle of the game. These gadgets will help players advance through every dungeon.

Overall, the game is a bit dark yet hilarious. The game is not all about the fierce brawl, but also about smart tactics and strategy.