Distance Latest Version Called The Horizon Update Is Now Available On Steam

Distance Latest Version Called The Horizon Update Is Now Available On Steam
Credit: Distance via YouTube

After a year from the launched of Distance v1.0, game developer Refract finally launched its latest update of the game called The Horizon Update v1.4. Here’s a quick look at the game’s most recent updates.

Around September last year, the original version of the game was released after six and a half years of constant refinement and development of the beta game. And finally, after a year, the v1.4 of the original v1.0 of the game came out with more features and enhanced performance.

“Distance” is a game with an in-depth plot and intense survival racing that supports Windows, Linux, and Mac. With a combination of extreme high-speed arcade driving and an extraordinary environment, the game lets players experience a wide range of high adrenaline excitement. Some players even go as far as claiming the game as the only racing game with a peculiar story.

Players have the power to manipulate their cars. They can freely accelerate the cars, spin them, leap them, or even fly them over walls and buildings of the bustling city. The game is set in a world filled with hidden secrets, and players can unearth the mysterious truth of the world as they embark on the exciting adventure and exploration.

To increase the intensity of the game, developers incorporate various tricky and unexpected hurdles in each corner of the road. Several shortcuts are also created for players to explore and utilize. Players will be forced to end the race as fast as possible.

The latest version of the game added several new features into the game including new levels, Quick Join feature for multi-player, more tools for editing, and enhanced overall performance.

Some of the general refinement done by the game developer includes the addition of three brand new Refract levels, insertion of over ten community levels, and improvements of graphic and visual performance on several levels.

Furthermore, the online menu and main menu of the latest game version have also been upgraded. Some of the upgrades include removal of Reddit button to give importance on Discord button, adjustable max players, replacement of specific button in the pause menu, shortened timeouts, and a few refinements on the lobby visuals.

The game is now available for download on Steam with a limited-time promotion that cuts the original price down to 60% until September 13. The store also offers a Deluxe edition of the game that includes the game’s official soundtracks and digital artbook.