EA’s Madden NFL 20 Ranks Number One For Best-Selling Digital PS4 Games In August

EA’s Madden NFL 20 Ranks Number One For Best-Selling Digital PS4 Games In August
Credit: IGN via YouTube

August has come and gone for PlayStation 4 users. It was a good month in terms of game announcements and releases. As with every month, there are titles that sold much better than others. It comes as no surprise that the best-selling digital game for the PS4 in August was none other than Madden NFL 20. Every year, these football simulators do well — but this latest installment is receiving a lot of positive reviews.

There are many reasons why this game has come out on top for the month of August. For one, the visuals and mechanics are much better than previous versions. The lighting has been turned up a notch, which gives players, coaches, and fans in the stadium a softer appearance. It’s a simple change that looks pretty great on screen. The gameplay is much more fluid as well. The players movements are authentic and true to what you would expect to find in the actual NFL.

The developers at EA also did a phenomenal job at differentiating superstar NFL players from regular players. For example, they know have signature moves under the X-Factor system that are incredible to see over and over again. Star receivers can jump high and catch balls that normally would seem impossible for average-rated receivers. Start defenders can break tackles like they’re nothing and have a tremendous impact on the course of each game.

Then there’s the franchise mode. Now, it doesn’t have a bunch of novel features that you might hope to find, but it’s serviceable. Face of the Franchise is a huge selling point for Madden NFL 20. You get to take a created quarterback from college to the NFL in epic fashion. You start out playing in a college playoff system, where you’ll have the chance to play against top teams like USC, Texas, and Alabama.

After this system, you’ll get to show your stuff at the NFL Combine. It’s a pretty in-depth experience transitioning from college to the pros. You’ll be invested in your quarterback from the very start. Even the simpler details like commentary have received a fresh coat of paint. Now, it doesn’t seem as repetitive — which is always a plus.

All in all, this latest Madden shines in a lot of departments. The Madden Ultimate Team mode is a little suspect and microtransactions are back, but if you can overlook these faults, you’ll have a pretty incredible experience. It’s certainly worth the download in September.