Deck13 Interactive’s Action Role-Playing Game Surge 2 Is Set For Launch September 24 

Deck13 Interactive’s Action Role-Playing Game Surge 2 Is Set For Launch September 24 
Credit: Focus Home Interactive via YouTube

Washington-based video game developer Deck13 Interactive is set to release the second installment of the Surge game this 24th of September. The game was announced during its early development a year ago with the specific release date set this year. The Surge 2 will have a simultaneous launch for Xbox One, PS4, and the PC version. A pre-order of the game will include exclusive items including the URBN armor set, character weapon, and equipment to get every gamer started.

The Surge 2 is a continuation of the first Surge game, taking place in the war-torn megalopolitan area of Jericho City. The RPG game still possesses the same gameplay mechanics where players customize their melee weapons and dodge enemy attacks. Surge 2 even includes the combat drones, bio-sensors, and other consumables, that made the first game exciting.

Focus Home Interactive, the game’s publisher, was kind enough to let gamers in on the plot of second Surge RPG. Combat begins after the character’s plane crashes in the outskirts of the city brought down by an explicable storm. What happens next is typical of every role-playing game where the central role has to explore his way to freedom. Nonetheless, just like the previous installment, this game will not be short of surprises.

It still has the ferocious vibe with unforgiving combat missions. The Surge 2 is also expected to have the same slashing and tearing-the-enemy type of gameplay for steal valuable material and equipment. Defeating adversaries will keep the character healthy so they can face the ultimate boss in each round.

What makes this game a little different from the first one are the improvements. It will have an increased arsenal of weapon and armors, expanded abilities, and combat strategies that include implants and drones. Surge 2 will still be a hardcore game with deadly foes and monstrous bosses to combat. And just like the first installment, this game will even have the gory gameplay aspect where players cut off enemy parts when looting for equipment.

Unlike the first Surge game, what’s instantly noticeable from this installment is the environment. The first game makes players find their way to a dangerous factory, and this one takes the game a notch by exploring the massive area of Jericho City.

While the official gameplay walkthrough is already out, the full Surge 2 game is set for release on September 24. It will be X Enhanced for Xbox One, with HDR support and 4K resolution.