Stardew Valley – Popular Farming Life Simulator Update 1.5 Is Now In The Works

Stardew Valley – Popular Farming Life Simulator Update 1.5 Is Now In The Works
Credit: ConcernedApe via Youtube

Stardew Valley is a charming indie style game that takes the best from older Harvest Moon games and realizes their true potential. The creator of the game Eric Barone is always rolling out huge free updates for the game, including the recently released version 1.4 that added a ton of new features.

It seems that the creator is not intent on stopping here, as he recently announced via Twitter that yet another free update is in the works. The game’s creator has been very active on Twitter with information about the title, much to the dedicated fan base’s delight.

The creator states in his tweet that the update is in the works, but not exactly what content will be featured within. He did put out a poll recently however as to what new fruit type will be introduced in this update, so at least fans know that bananas will soon be coming to the game. It is also possible that the runner up fruit will also be included in the game at a later date.

On the same Twitter thread where he announced the free content update, he also responds to several fan questions. One user asked Barone whether or not Stardew Valley would ever receive DLC to which he replied,

“No plans for paid DLC or anything, but I do plan on creating & releasing more games in the future!”

This makes sense given the game’s history. Stardew Valley from its release was a fully completed game, and the developer has been passionate about improving it in the form of these free content updates like the upcoming 1.5 ever since.

Speaking of the upcoming 1.5, since the announcement players have been speculating just what will be included within. One fairly safe bet especially given the Twitter poll is the introduction of new crops, trees, and craftable/customizable items. These seem to be added in nearly every update to the game thus far.

In 1.4, new buildings such as the fish pond were added in, so many are expecting to see new similar buildings as well. A lot of suggestions are centered around the player character’s children. The ability for children to grow up and move out, and even become fully-fledged NPC’s seems like a natural progression for the game.

That’s, unfortunately, all of the information we have on update 1.5 so far. A potential release date for the update and hopefully more included content will be coming soon, so make sure to tune in to stay up to date on Stardew Valley news.