EA Play Completely Skips Over BioWare Titles Such As Dragon Age 4, Mass Effect, And Anthem

EA Play Completely Skips Over BioWare Titles Such As Dragon Age 4, Mass Effect, And Anthem
Credit: Mass Effect via YouTube

A lot of BioWare fans were chomping at the bit to see what the developer had coming down the pipeline when EA presented its online “EA Play” streaming presentation last week.

Unfortunately, they were let down.

BioWare’s major projects were completely left out of the presentation, leaving many to wonder as to the fates of Dragon Age 4, Mass Effect, and the major overhaul the studio has promised for its failed co-op sci-fi shooter Anthem.

Typically around this time, major studios are presenting their upcoming titles at the Electronic Arts and Entertainment Expo, or E3 as it is commonly known. Once strictly a trade show for industry insiders, E3 has become a major event throughout the gaming world akin to something like San Diego Comic Con.

However, E3 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. EA was still sticking to its original plan despite the closure of the event, broadcasting EA Play online. They showed us a variety of titles including Star Wars Squadrons, Skate 4, and more.

But when it came to BioWare, one of EA’s most well-known and popular studios, we got nothing save for a few quick shots of some next gen concept art for locations that many assumed were for Dragon Age.

Dragon Age 4 is one of the only major titles we know for sure BioWare is currently developing. At last year’s E3, we got a quick teaser trailer that mounted to only a few seconds of concept art and a brief one line voice over. This year, a lot of people were hopeful that we’d get some kind of trailer, but we got absolutely nothing.

Dragon Age Inquisition, the previous title in this franchise, was released in 2014, making it six years between titles. And with no footage being shown, it’s likely to be another two or so years before the title is in our hands. Even in the gaming world, that’s a supremely long wait.

A lot of gamers point to Anthem as the reason behind the continued delay of Dragon Age 4. Anthem was meant to be a major new addition to the studio. It was a sci-fi action adventure co-op third person shooter where the player dons an advanced mech suit and flies around a massive explorable world.

However, Anthem was so poorly received that BioWare has promised to completely overhaul the title. We got no information on this overhaul at EA Play, however.

Mass Effect is the other major title that went overlooked at EA Play. While nothing official has been announced for the future of BioWare’s most popular franchise, everyone has been waiting for news on either a new game set in that universe or a remaster of the original three games for next generation consoles.