Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Will Not Have VR Capabilities At Launch

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Will Not Have VR Capabilities At Launch
Credit: Elite Dangerous via YouTube

When it comes to space exploration games, one of the better offerings has been Elite Dangerous. It’s a massive multiplayer space epic, where every player’s story shapes the galaxy in some meaningful way. It has been out since 2014 and over the years, has garnered a lot of support.

Its massive expansion — Odyssey — is currently set to release in early 2021. That’s still pretty far off, but fans haven’t been kept in the dark about what’s in store. The expansion will give players the chance to actually get out of their aircrafts and explore planets like never before.

That premise alone sounds like an amazing experience that should take Elite Dangerous to new heights. Those expecting VR support may be a little dissapointed. It was just announced by UploadVR and Frontier Developments that VR capabilities would not be available at launch for this major expansion.

A representative of Frontier Developments went on to explain the decision in greater detail in an email. Pretty much, the developer wanted to ensure a smooth launch. Adding VR support to the mix of new gameplay and mechanics would be too tall of an order, at least initially.

However, the developer hasn’t ruled out VR support entirely. It could very well come to this space game at a later date, probably once the developer has time to ensure the Odyssey expansion goes over well with the community.

Still, the idea of enjoying Odyssey with VR immersion is exciting to contemplate. In the meantime, fans still have a lot to look forward to with this expansion. The sheer amount of content the developer has planned is downright impressive.

There will be all kinds of new story lines, environments, and NPCs to enjoy right out of the gate. First-person combat is also being added to the mix to give players more epic space experiences to enjoy.

Frontier Developments is looking to build off of the success that Elite Dangerous has already achieved, and thus far, it looks like they’re trending in the right direction.

The expansion is pretty massive and there will of course be problems out of the gate. However, Frontier Developments is poised to handle the challenges that are up ahead. And if they can gain some momentum after Odyssey’s launch, then VR support could very well be on the horizon.

Until that time, players still have a lot of exciting things to look forward to in early 2021.