Untitled Goose Game Is Getting A Two-Player Mode This September

Untitled Goose Game Is Getting A Two-Player Mode This September
Credit: House House via YouTube

Untitled Goose Game came onto the marketplace with very little spotlight, but it quickly started gaining traction in the gaming community. After several months of being out, many got to enjoy the sensation of being a goose and causing all sorts of mayhem for citizens in a quaint town.

Playing as a goose may not sound particularly unique or appetizing, but when you start doing things to mess with humans, you realize how brilliant House House was for making this game. It lures you in with its charming visuals and simple concepts, and you’ll soon find hours have passed by that seem like mere minutes because of its addicting nature.

The game has been out for roughly a year and finally, it’s getting a two-player mode. That’s according to an official trailer, which shows not one but two geese causing all sorts of havoc around innocent bystanders. They didn’t stand a chance.

As if one goose wasn’t enough, now there’s no stopping these birds of mischief from having their way and getting into trouble for some hilarious moments. The second goose featured in the trailer has a different honk as to distinguish it from the original goose.

Finally, friends can enjoy the mischief together and savor the sensation that’s still finding its way to different platforms. There are certain scenarios that certainly call for two geese so it’s nice that House House is being this accommodating.

If you currently own Untitled Goose Game, the two-player co-op mode will be completely free on September 23. It’s also coming to new platforms, including Itch.io and Steam.

Consequently, more players will have the chance to join in on the fun and see what everyone has been raving about. There are so many games that take themselves too seriously today. That’s not the case with Untitled Goose Game. It’s just about having fun and getting into trouble how you see fit.

As long as you know how to be sneaky and come up with unique plans for every situation, there’s nothing stopping you from causing humans a lot of problems. Their frustration is your pleasure in this open sandbox experience that is full of so many opportunities.

Being able to play with a friend should make these experiences all the better. One goose can create a distraction that presents the perfect opportunity for the other to come in and take the prized possession. Humans won’t know what hit them.