An Untitled Goose Game By House House Just Received A Hilarious Launch Trailer

An Untitled Goose Game By House House Just Received A Hilarious Launch Trailer
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

There are a lot of interesting games on the marketplace right now. One of that certainly fits this description is a game called Untitled Goose Game. Developed by House House, this game is all about a goose and stealth. Your main objective is to go around and bother human characters. Only in a video game would you get to control a goose and cause mayhem to no end.

The game is officially out now and to celebrate this quirky game, House House has put out a launch trailer. It shows a goose going around bothering different NPCs. They’re trying to get through their day, and unbeknownst to them, you’re on the loose and looking to annoy them as much as possible. You use stealth to sneak up on the characters. If they see you, they’ll direct you away from their area. If this happens, you just go at them again with a different tactic.

Who knew such a mundane topic could actually be so much fun? There’s one scene that involves a boy playing with a toy plane. As he lowers it to the ground, the goose takes it out of his hands and runs away. The boy quickly chases after and falls to the ground, where his glasses fall off his head. As you probably guessed, the goose takes these glasses and storms off in the opposite direction.

This is the type of banter you can enjoy in an Untitled Goose Game. There’s another scenario where an old man is playing horseshoes. Right when he’s about to throw, the goose makes a noise and startles the old man into throwing the horseshoe farther than he expected. The goose — as expected — grabs it and takes off.

There are so many funny sequences you can expect in this game. No two characters are alike, either. You’ll need to study their patterns before trying to intervene on their peace and quiet. Virtually any object that a character uses in the game can be yours. A well laid out plan will lead to success.

As mentioned earlier, the game is out now. It can be played on the Nintendo Switch and PC. It seems like the perfect title to just mess around with. You don’t have to pay attention to an in-depth story or solve difficult puzzles. You just get to be a goose and do whatever makes you happy, at the expense of humans.