Introducing PuroGamer, Puro Sound Labs Take On A Volume-Limited Healthy Gaming Headset

Introducing PuroGamer, Puro Sound Labs Take On A Volume-Limited Healthy Gaming Headset
Credit: Puro Sound

World-renowned makers of healthy gaming accessories, Puro Sound Labs, introduces the new safe-listening headphones, PuroGamer. The new gaming accessory feature a studio-grade audio setting and a volume-limiting capacity for safe and truly immersive gameplay.

Puro Sound Lab’s new gaming gear employs some of the most outstanding features that catapulted the manufacturer to the top site reviews. These features include the headphone’s high-end and lightweight construction, the comfortably fitted noise-isolation earpads, and the element that has been part of some Puro Sound Labs headphone, the Balance Response Curve.

The new headphone also comes with the 85dB capacity volume-limiting filter perfect for every gamer use. It is one of the most significant elements of the new Puro Sound Labs headphone to prevent hearing damages at higher amplification levels.

In addition to its excellent design, the new PuroGamer headphones also come with the 50mm graphene driver conductors made to create an impressive sound output. It also features a detachable microphone able to swing in both directions with adjustable fitting.

Surprisingly, the new Puro Sound Labs headphone also features an ANC system and an anti-interference feature to make it more gaming worthy.

Puro Sound Labs is known to create child-friendly headphone and gaming accessories to protect your kids from hearing problems. These headsets do not only mix its sophisticated features, but also incorporates their unique designs with every product.

A gaming and hearing-friendly headset, the new PuroGemaer is stylish. It is made from high-quality materials that are expected to last longer than most products available now. Company founder and CEO, Dave Russell, mentions in an interview that the new headphone is a product of countless research.

He also reiterates that the company aims to produce quality headphones that are both safe and healthy. And this is to address the worldwide epidemic experienced by the younger generation. Noise-induced hearing loss has grown to become a significant problem, especially with kids listening to loud music and games. Another feature from the Healthy Ear product line of Puro Sound Labs, this headphone produce safe volume levels.

The new gaming gear can be used on PCs, the PlayStation 4, Mac, Xbox consoles, and also supports mobile device use. PuroGamer is already available for in the market with an incredible price of only $79.99. The new headphone from healthy gaming accessory maker, Puro Sound Labs will be a great addition to your music listening and gaming sessions.