Need A Packet Is A Horror-Simulator That Is Preparing For A Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, And PlayStation Vita Launch Later This Month

Need A Packet Is A Horror-Simulator That Is Preparing For A Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, And PlayStation Vita Launch Later This Month
Credit: Marginal act via Youtube

Need a Packet? released on Steam back in August of 2018. After a mixed reception the developer, Marginal act, has decided to bring the strange pixel-based horror experience to several new platforms. Enter the mind-numbing world of a supermarket cashier as you slowly lose your mind.

The routine work is mind-numbing and the experience only seems to get worse. The cash register turns into a medieval tower as you take cash and slowly go insane. Sit at the supermarket, do your job, and lose your mind.

Need a packet brings you a horror experience where you slowly are going insane due to the minimal labor of your daily job. Events take place in the background as you slowly reimagine your surroundings and fail to see the evolution of society around you.

The city undergoes a garbage crisis. The grounds are rotting, recycling factories are overcrowded and water is poised. Citizens are disappearing in the local forests and none of it really matters as Molly loses touch with her reality.

The game takes place in three distinct locations. The first is Molly’s house. This is a safe place where you can restore your health, pay with items, and relax. Feel your sanity return as you spend time away from the job and move towards a brighter future.

Then there is traveling to work. This part is divided into three parts. The first is reading the news, watching streams, and buying products for the home. This gives some perspective of the world around you as you make your way back to the job. The third frame places you in charge of a minibus as you dodge cars, ships, and garbage bosses on your way to the next shift.

The last section is the main part of the game. A client approaches your cash register and you must register the product and then take the money. Slowly, the mechanics will become more complicated. Some products need to be weighed, others require manual input, and change becomes complicated.

As you learn the job you will feel the world slip away. The in-game reality loses focus and players will lose their minds as they try to do the basic job.

Although this game has received mixed reviews there is still a home for it on the new platforms. Its unique environment mixed with a strange narrative leave much to be desired as you travel through the life of Molly.

Need a Packet is set to launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Playstation Vita on July 2. The game will be available for $6.99. Interested fans can find the game early on Steam for access to the PC version of the title.