Deathground Is A New Kickstarter That Brings A New Name Into Dinosaur Survival

Deathground Is A New Kickstarter That Brings A New Name Into Dinosaur Survival
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Prepare for a dinosaur-filled survival game as Deathground gains major traction in its new Kickstarter campaign. Dinosaurs and survival horror meet in a unique game with a bunch of fascinating and new features. The game includes co-op functionality along with a desperate battle for survival against tons of different AI dinosaurs.

Jaw Drop Games is preparing a unique horror experience that comes with stunning graphics that bring a realistic view into the world of dead reptiles. The game already has 400 backers, with 29 days still remaining on the Kickstart campaign.

Deathground is a solo and cooperative survival horror experience that pits players against deadly dinosaurs. The AI is smart and adapting, giving a realistic view to the behavior of these ancient beasts. Be hunted, survive, and explore the new horror experience that is waiting in Kickstarter.

Enter Deathground as a member of an elite squad. Survive alone or in a session with up to three other players as you form a group of professional hunters and survivalists. Retrieve high-value lot from the Deathground as you work through an ultimate test of cooperation and survival.

These are reactive AI dinosaurs that hunt you down based on their inherent nature. The game presents a unique challenge mixed with dynamic objectives and random extraction points. Every run is varied, unpredictable, and covered in a menacing atmosphere of fear and suspense.

This is a game that rewards teamwork as you and your allies are in constant danger. Work together and coordinate your actions or the entire mission could end in a bloody fashion/

When not working with others, enjoy the solo horror experience. Feel the innate fear intensified as you attempt to survive alone in a deep and compelling environment. Complete the mission and avoid becoming someone’s lunch.

The game comes preloaded with an original haunting musical score from David Housden. This musician helps build the environment into a truly anxious experience. Harness the power of the Unreal Engine 4 as you interact with a realistic diverse environment.

Enjoy a changing environment build by community-driven development. The developer wants to create an incredible and thriving game that will require tons of player feedback and player design participation to perfect.

Deathground is currently in Kickstarter, raising funds to finish production. Jaw Drop Games is working hard to finish their title and produce it for the Steam audience. Console releases are no announced but expected in the future. For more information, explore the Kickstart campaign and possibly fund it for future purchases.