New XCOM Game, XCOM: Chimera Squad, Coming Out Next Month After Surprise Announcement

New XCOM Game, XCOM: Chimera Squad, Coming Out Next Month After Surprise Announcement
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

There are few things in life more enjoyable than taking down aliens who are hoping to invade your homeworld, enslave humanity, and just do evil and oppressive things. Why? Nobody knows. It’s just what human nature is like when you think about it. This must be the primary reason why the XCOM games have become such a critical and smash success in recent years because if you think about these titles, there is little more to them than the power of a normal tactics game. But at the end of the day, there is just something magical about an XCOM game.

In a surprise move by the developers behind the original titles, there will be a new XCOM game coming out in the next few months for Microsoft Windows Personal Computer. And this bit of news could not be more timely. We all need a little bit of alien-hunting to rally us to unity and bring out the true titans of our character. This is going to be that chance, and it might just end up saving the world. At least from our own insanity during a time of forever quarantine. Keep on reading below to find out more about this amazing and excellent product.

First off, this title follows a squad of aliens, humans, and hybrids who are teaming up to make the world a better place. This is a game that takes place a few years after XCOM 2, and it follows a group of these people who seek to establish a new world of peace, harmony, and democracy. This is a pluralistic society.

One of the interesting things about the game is that it seems to be a totally different art style than its predecessors. We are talking about shades of pastel-colored animation and a whole cast of cartoony characters. Or at least that’s what is depicted in the trailer.

We can only assume the same art style will be throughout the game as well. This has become a bit of a common trend in video games lately, and it will only continue to keep on keeping on as things progress forward. Whether or not you enjoy this, however, is up to you.

So what’s the verdict here? If you happen to be a fan of XCOM games or even just tactics games in general, then go ahead and head on out and get your hands on a copy of this wonderful, beautiful game from the people behind some of the best games out there.