Helheim Hassle Is An Upcoming Puzzle Platformer That Revolves Around Body Desecration, On Its Way To All Major Platforms Later This Year

Helheim Hassle Is An Upcoming Puzzle Platformer That Revolves Around Body Desecration, On Its Way To All Major Platforms Later This Year
Credit: PerfectlyParanormal via Youtube

From the creators of Manual Samuel comes another strange adventure in the same reality. Helheim Hassle is an indie platformer that is all about friendship as well as body parts. Play as a pacifist Viking who hates the idea of going to Valhalla, who must deal with being taken to Valhalla.

Help the mysterious Pesto on a quest to retrieve a magical item and earn your right for permanent residence in Helheim. Explore over 70 quests that will require you to use all of your body part combos to overcome unique challenges. Meet strange characters and creatures voiced by 24 professional actors. This is truly an upgrade to the previous game’s hilarious adventure.

Explore a narrative adventure as you play as Bjorn, a pacifist Viking that has to come to terms with their death. By detaching and combining limbs Bjorn can solve tons of different puzzles and get out of several uncomfortable situations that involve gods, goblins, dragons, skeletons and more.

From the same universe, the very same Tuesday in fact, as Manual Samuel is this unique adventure. Tons of different combinations can result in hilarious solutions to complicated problems. As in the previous game, plays can expect Pesto to not help as much as he could.

Players must instead rely on their own ingenuity to solve over 90 puzzles spread across 14 different levels. Explore a strange adventure and take on complicated challenges that would never appear in other titles.

Whether you are just a torso or rolling your head down a ramp the solution is really up to you. Create a wheel by combining your head with a leg or sneak past trouble using only a hand to transport you.

This is a story rich adventure that will redefine puzzle platformers by asking players to do the unthinkable. Although it is not as complicated as manually controlling every aspect of your body, Helheim Hassle will challenge you to think about what other functions your body could perform.

The developers are skilled in both comedy and game design. Prepare for the unexpected as once you think you have a handle on this game everything could change in a matter of minutes.

More information can be found on the developer’s main website. There are trailers and screenshots available on Steam for interested fans who want to wishlist this title.

Helheim Hassle will be available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam on Tuesday, August 18. Playstation 4’s release will be later in the year.