Minecraft Java Realms: Five New Maps Ranging From Bee Racing To Escaping A Luxurious Mansion

Minecraft Java Realms: Five New Maps Ranging From Bee Racing To Escaping A Luxurious Mansion
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft has two different versions, one version is the Bedrock Edition which has the Minecraft Marketplace built into the main menu while the Java Edition of Minecraft doesn’t feature the Minecraft Marketplace at all. Both versions offer support for the Minecraft Realms, Mojang has added five new maps which can set for the Realms level.

This update adds a total of five new maps to the already impressive pool of maps that a Realm is able to offer the player. These maps are called the RodRun 2.0, Bee Riders, Rainbow Escape, Escape The House, and the final map is called Don’t Be Last.

Bee Riders

Minecraft added Bees back in other Buzzy Bees update which was released back on December 10th of last year. In this Map, Player race on top of bees going through a variety of different rings and race against your friends in this new and inventive race track.

Escape the House

This Mansion has spacious rooms, a literal working elevator, and several floors which all feature furniture and a fantastic amount of detail put into all the rooms and floors. This mansion features a large number of puzzles and tasks that are required to be completed before the player is able to leave the house.

Rainbow Escape

Minecraft players have only been getting more and more inventive and creative when compared to when Minecraft was originally released. This is showcased in the map of Rainbow Escape, this map is not only a voice-acted story than can be uncovered by completing a variety of hard Minecraft trials.

Don’t Be Last

Don’t Be Last is a very different map when looking at the previous maps added to the Java Realms. Don’t Be Last is a map that is a competition between Minecraft Survival players. This map sees that players will need to create the same Minecraft item after running away from the beacon. The goal of this game mode is incredibly simple, Don’t Be Last in creating that Minecraft item.

RodRun 2.0

RodRun 2.0 Is the last map to be added but don’t count this map out! Its a free for all fighting game that has a total of five different powerups ranging from an extra life, a speed increase, a shield to protect the player when being attacked by other players.