Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update: Archaeology – A New Way To Mine In Minecraft!

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update: Archaeology – A New Way To Mine In Minecraft!
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft‘s previous feature update was the Nether Update which completely revamped the largely unused dimension in Minecraft. The next large update for Minecraft is going to be the Caves and Cliff Update which is set to release in the Summer of 2021, this was shown during Minecraft Live.

Minecraft Live is Mojang Studios’s event where they showcase new features for a variety of franchises, including Minecraft Dungeons and new updates for Minecraft. 

This current Minecraft Live had a vote for the next Minecraft Mob to be added, this vote ended with the Glow Squid winning. This means that the Glow Squid will be added to Minecraft instead of Iceologer and MooBloom. 

The Cave and Cliffs Update features a new way to mine that is radically different when compared to every other way of Mining. This new way of mining allows players to get new blocks and materials without the need for a pickaxe and instead use a new item called a brush. 

Using this brush players will need to carefully extract the item from the block of gravel or sand without damaging the artifact. 

This new system allows players to find not only precious materials like diamonds and gold but also other artifacts in buried ruins. This new way of mining that allows players to find a variety of different materials without needed a pickaxe which is a staple, and almost reflex for any Minecraft player. 

Personally, Minecraft players should be excited about this new and inventive way of mining since up until now they’ve only had a single way to mine using a pickaxe. 

Pairing this new way of mining with the better cave generation will cause veteran and new Minecrafters to experience the game like never before and lead to many more Minecraft YouTubers gaining popularity as these content creators tend to explore new features, mobs, and updates to the game. 

Sadly, this update is slated to release sometime next year, 2021, most likely in the summertime. This means Minecrafters will have to stick around and enjoy the old ways, in both the mining and the cave generations, for a bit longer.

Although, Many will be able to get the snapshot updates early and try out these new features before they are officially implemented into Minecraft.