Minecraft Live: The Votes Are In And The New Mob For Minecraft Is the Glow Squid From Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Live: The Votes Are In And The New Mob For Minecraft Is the Glow Squid From Minecraft Earth
Credit: Minecraft via YouTube

Since Minecraft Live has officially ended, The vote for the next Minecraft mob has also ended at this point. The vote ended with the Glow Squid winning, meaning that this variant to the squid will be implemented into Minecraft.

Minecraft Live is now available on the Minecraft YouTube channel, and the channel is also posting highlights for Minecrafters who aren’t able to sit and watch the entire thing.

This was showcased in a tweet made by the official Minecraft Twitter account, which showed the Glow Squid animated in the pond. This mob was one of three that was a possible option; the Iceologer and the MooBloom were the other options for players to choose.

The Glow Squid’s first appearance was in Minecraft Earth, and this announcement was made during the Minecraft Live event, which took place on October third.

The Glow Squid is a variant of the squid with a luminescent/glowing texture, which is similar to how the Endermen’s eyes glow in the dark. This squid has a similar AI to the regular squid, meaning that they swim around calmly, almost aimlessly, and need to stay in the water, or else the squid will die.

According to the trailer for this future addition to Minecraft, it has an effect to hypnotize the player, although this may have been just for the trailer and not an actual feature of the squid itself.

Finding the Glow Squid may be tough. This is due to the rarity of this mob with will be significantly higher when compared to the rarity of the standard squid found in Minecraft.

The Glow Squid is completely passive and doesn’t attack the player at all, even if getting attacked by the player. This mob has a total of ten health points or a total of five hearts, which means that it’ll take a few hits before the player is able to kill it.

After killing the Glow Squid, players can look for both ink sacs and Primarine Shards to drop. This mob will drop up to four Prismarine Shards and up to six Ink Sacs, which is a bit more than what a normal squid will drop when killed.

The Glow Squid is stated to spawn in swamps, and possibly caves, and have a much higher rarity. The Glow Squid is the first mob from Minecraft Earth to be added to Minecraft officially.