Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Is Free For PS Plus Members Starting November 3rd

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Is Free For PS Plus Members Starting November 3rd
Credit: PlayStation Access via YouTube

October has officially drawn to a close, which has saddened a lot of gamers that are fans of the horror genre. The spooky season is over, but November is here and that means a new round of freebies for PlayStation Plus members.

Out of the bunch, one of the better offerings is Middle-earth: Shadow of War. As of November 3rd, it will be available to download for free for PS Plus members. It’s one of the more competent strategy RPGs and does the Lord of the Rings series proud.

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It’s the sequel to Shadow of Mordor and does a great job at building off an already solid RPG foundation. The main goal players have is to dominate all of Mordor one fortress at a time. It takes a long time to complete so there are hours and hours of content to enjoy.

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To conquer each fortress, you have to defeat generals and capture strategic points of interest. Once a fortress is captured, it’s yours to manage. You’ll have to defend against opposing threats constantly, all while take out new fortresses of interest.

A highlight of Middle-earth: Shadow of War is the recruiting system. You get to decide which enemies you bring to your army. Each one has a special set of attributes and skills that you’ll need to assess carefully as to build up the perfect army.

The combat is very reminiscent of the Assassin’s Creed series, where you do a lot of countering and dodging enemy attacks. It’s a pretty competent system that is aided by your progression. The more you advance, the better resources and weapons you’ll gain access to. You’ll spend a lot of time balancing out your character as you see fit.

There is a lot to love about Middle-earth: Shadow of War. There is plenty to do and the open-world design makes the game seem limitless. It also gives you the chance to interreact with some fan-favorites and new characters that add to the Lord of the Rings lore.

It’s a great pickup if you have a PlayStation Plus membership. The platform is constantly receiving heavy-hitters like the aforementioned title and it seems like they’ll continue heading into 2021.

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Halloween has come to a close, but at least the PS Plus program is letting you ring in November in style with one of the better RPGs full of content that’s updated quite frequently. Get it now while you can.