Ubisoft’s Starlink: Battle For Atlas Will Get A PC Version Along With Latest Star Fox Content Update Next Week

Ubisoft’s Starlink: Battle For Atlas Will Get A PC Version Along With Latest Star Fox Content Update Next Week
Credit: Ubisoft

Finally, Ubisoft’s new adventure game that teases sci-fi fans is coming to PC next week. Starlink: Battle for Atlas will get a Windows PC version, and it will launch on April 30.

The news is a surprise to those who felt disappointed when Ubisoft first revealed it last year. It was previously announced that the game will not have a PC version.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is an exciting space shooter ARPG. Some gamers actually see it as a combination of The Last Starfighter and No Man’s Sky. The game takes place in the star system named Atlas.

There are galactic dogfights and tank battles against robots. Speaking of galactic battles, players will also encounter aliens from different races.

The game was released to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on October 16, 2018. This caused frustration to PC gamers. Luckily, it will soon arrive on the PC.

The game’s consoles version previously faced two major issues. First, players could only unlock new weapons and ships by buying the toys or DLC packs.

Secondly, the game had a dull story and poor cast. However, there’s is an upcoming content called Crimson Moon that will coincide with the PC version launch.

Crimson Moon was described by Ubisoft as the game’s “significant” update. It will be free of charge, and it will work on all platforms starting next week. Of course, it is expected to come with the PC version too.

The game’s PC version will provide all the updates released previously. It will also have multi-GPU and SLI systems support. It is capable of wide-screen display and unlimited framerates.  Ubisoft said the game will also operate on various hardware.

The Crimson Moon will allow players to explore the new area. There will be single-player and two-player racing competitions that will be visible in a split-screen.

Players can fight hordes of enemies in the Crimson Moon, touted as the theater for the Outlaw Games. What’s more, the ranks of top players will be displayed on the leaderboards.

The free content update is said to deliver a great impact to the Atlas world. Players can expect to see new stories, new missions, and more challenges.

The update will also give out more options for pilots and starships to choose from.

In Starlink: Battle for Atlas, players can choose their own team tapping pilots equipped with unique abilities. There will be five new pilots, eleven new weapons, and three shiny starships. These, however, can be purchased online separately.